In the past 25 years Xemex has been partnering with its customers to supply products for metering projects.

We offer products for every energy monitoring and – management project

Every single day we must not betray our customers’ trust and help them with all their needs for smart metering. We offer products for every metering project – from dataloggers, gateways, embedded and external communication modules and meters to software solutions from our customers or our own software platform. Our customization and integration skills are second to none.

Xemex’s broad product portfolio offers products and solutions for different type of meters (electricity, gas, water and heat), PV solar energy, Energy Monitoring, Energy Management, EV charging and prepaid metering. Our portfolio is based on industry standards like DLMS Cosem, (wireless and wired) M-bus and Zigbee. Our devices gather readings any given time-slice store them and perform, daily or customizable, data transfer over 2G, 3G, LTE (Cat 1 and Cat M), CDMA450, LTE450, 169 MHz. or Ethernet. Our products are proven to be reliable in the field for years.


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