Smart industries

Industries require more advanced smart energy monitoring and management. We’ll manage this for you.
Smart industries

An even essential part of the energy transition is to further reduce CO2 emissions from industries.

Apart from the fact that monitoring energy consumption provides insight into opportunities to reduce energy consumption, energy monitoring is an absolute must for every large-scale consumer and multisite. Measuring is knowing and that is no different for your energy consumption! Energy monitoring enables you to gain an exact insight into the effects of energy measures and to calculate them.

Furthermore, this insight into your energy consumption and peak load enables you to analyze the extent to which your company’s connections still match the consumption. If there is no optimal matching, this will cost your organization a lot of unnecessary money.

That is why monitoring your energy consumption is so important. 

The advantages of energy monitoring for large-scale consumers and multisites are therefore numerous:

Xemex has many solutions available to give you and your customers a reliable insight in this performance, e.g. submetering. Of course, as always are these solutions based on our long experience in the world of smart energy.

Smart industries