Kamstrup Omnipower 

+ Xemex communication module
Kamstrup Omnipower + Xemex communication module

Kamstrup Omnipower Single-phase / three-phase meter is a direct connected electricity meter for registration of electric energy.

The meter is full electronic without movable parts. Energy registration is not affected by shock or impact during transport and mounting. Furthermore, measurements are correct, no matter the physical mounting direction.

The OMNIPOWER® electricity meter is a high-precision smart meter, offering long-term stability and reliability. This meter comes in several variants to fit every need. It can be configured to fit your network infrastructure, whether you have specific demands for encryption standards, data collection protocols, the chosen communication technology or something entirely else. 

This high-end smart meter can be equipped with a wide range of communication modules and provides intelligent features like 4-quadrant metering, power quality registration and remote disconnect as default. Elective breakers and an STS prepayment certified solution are also among your options.

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