Home energy monitoring 

Home Energy Monitoring

Home energy monitoring: independent and dependable monitoring data for energy-efficient homes

Future-oriented monitoring solution for energy-efficient homes

Energy-efficient or even zero-energy living is the way forward. And that requires dependable monitoring solutions that provide clear insight into the yield of solar panels and the power consumption of heating, ventilation, hot water and domestic devices. Home energy monitoring by Xemex is a central gateway to which a maximum of 16 Mod-bus sensors can be connected. A portal provides both the resident and the manager insight into consumption. Combined with the software application from our partner Cast4All, Xemex thus provides a flexible and future-oriented monitoring solution.

The home energy monitoring solution comprises a Xemex communication module that measures yields and consumption via Modbus sensors. An application with integrated problem detection and optimisation algorithms monitors the proper functioning of the solar panels, heat pump and any other devices. The cloud software from Cast4All analyses the data and visualises it in a clear portal for both managers and residents.

Measurement of the base system

The monitoring system measures the following parameters:

Secure GSM communication

Communication runs as standard via 4G /2G or LTE Cat M. To keep the monthly data volume low, log files are read out twice a day. A higher frequency is of course also possible.

Integration with external information systems

The cloud software from Cast4All offers 24/7 insight into the measurement data. Or would you rather link the energy data to an existing CRM application, for example to connect the invoicing system to customer and measurement data or visualisation of the measurement data via your own portal? That is also possible, thanks to the application programming interface (API).

Basis for optimal yield

To optimise the yield of the solar panels, you naturally have to start by adequately monitoring yields. The communication module contains an application with integrated problem detection and optimisation algorithms. The Clear Sky Performance Index is a unique, accurate and fast method for detecting performance losses. It identifies any performance losses fast by analysing trends.

Alarm filtering

In the event of a decline in the yield of the solar panels or the heat pump and zero production that is not caused by weather conditions, the monitoring solution sounds the alarm directly. Thanks to intelligent alarm filtering, false alarms (e.g. due to snow on the panels) are a thing of the past.

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