Residential metering

Residential metering

In the regulated metering market Xemex can be found in solutions for residential use and budget metering.

In the residential area Xemex is able to develop and manufacture smart metering gateways based on local standards, such as DSMR4, SMR5, SMETS2, BSMR etc.

It is our core business to translate our experience in other possible local standards that might be applicable for any country in the future. Would you ask for WAN technologies like, GPRS, UMTS, LTE Cat 1, LTE Cat M, Ethernet, CDMA450, LTE450, 169MHz long range radio? We can make it work for you! Also LAN technologies like wireless 169MHz, 868MHz or 2,4GHz have no secrets for use.

As part of the local requirements, our modules support the industry standards like DLMS/COSEM, M-Bus and Zigbee, guaranteeing the highest level of secure communications.

The modules are available standalone or build-in into meters and are proven to be reliable in the field for years.

Over the years we have done integrations with a large range of meter vendors. Additionally, in multiple projects it was the absolute must to guarantee interoperability in between the meters from different meter vendors.

On backhaul side, implementation with multiple system solution vendors have been achieved.

As our customers have the freedom to upgrade the communication modules “Over The Air” with new software, containing new smart metering functionalities, our approach is not only smart metering but also an asset for many years to enable Smart Grid, Smart Home and Energy Transition.

Our technology is available for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the United Arabic Emirates and many other countries.

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