Multimeter – datalogging – transparent

The dingate communication module is a DIN-sized communication module which enables remote readout of DIN-sized or wall mounted electricity meters in a multimeter, datalogging or transparent.

Dingate communicates via GSM communicaton using LTE Cat M, 4G and / or GPRS.
The module is mains-powered and can be mounted in a standard DIN cabinet. A slide-in slot on the front for the SIM card enables easy installation. The device has a standard SMA connector to mount an external antenna.
Status indicators on the front panel provide users with visual indication of the module’s operation. The optical interface on the side of the dingate interfaces with many DINrail kWh meters, including our Direct connected DINrail meter. Alternatively, the communication module can also be connected using a 2 wire Modbus connection (RS485).
The unit supports the industry-standard protocol DLMS-COSEM for the WAN connection. This protocol enables also secure firmware update functionality.
The dingate is ideal for companies looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage compact remote readout solution electricity meters.


The dingate is available in three different configurations:

Transparent modem
DSO Grid operator datalogger



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