(P1 to Modbus converter)
NOM / Total E-consumption monitoring

The Xemex’s P1MB Module is a DIN-sized converter module, which makes Smart Meter P1 message contents available by Modbus RTU/RS485 interface.

The module supports P1 ports defined according DSMR4 and DSMR5 P1 companion specification.

The P1MB is connected to the P1 port of the Smart Meter via a cable with RJ11 connectors on both ends. The Modbus of the module is connected via 3-wires to the RS485 (A(+), A(-) and GND), acting as slave device to a Modbus master. The unit is powered via the power present on the P1 port of the Smart Meter.External power supply, via external power adapter, can be added optionally should that be required.

User interface is covered by 3 LED’s on the front side of the module:

By acquiring an additional cable equipped with an RJ11 connector on one end and a USB port on the other, you gain the ability to personally configure the P1MB. Kindly note that the cable is not included in the price and must be purchased separately.

Notable configurations include:

P1MB can be used in combination with the Xemex DINGate Multi-meter. The DINGate Multi-meter will act as Modbus master to the P1MB, logging standard information like import / export energy values. Other information can be added to the log-function of the DINGate Multi-meter on request. Of course, P1MB can work in combination with other Modbus / RS485 slaves. Application note is available on request.

The P1MB is ideal for use in solutions developed for monitoring energy flows in residential houses or small/medium sized companies.

Where to buy?

 > 50 units:
– Xemex: contact Xemex via sales@xemex.eu

< 50 units:
– Libra: Order here online or contact Libra Energy via customersupport@libra.energy
– TA Control Systems: contact TACS via info@tacontrol.nl

– TA Control Systems: contact TACS via info@tacontrol.nl


Functional characteristics
Interfaces – Data ports
LED indicators


Operating voltage
5V from P1 interface smart meter
External 5V connection for DSMR2 meter for further use

Power consumption < 50mA

Temperature range -40°C .. +70°C

Housing DIN 43880 / 1 unit

Dimensions 90x18x65mm


Meters & Sensoren

Communicatie module