Current Sense modbus converter

The CSMB is a current meter with a modbus RTU interface.

The module measures the current on each phase of the household. Messages with the real time total power consumption are sent from the module to the charge point via a UTP cable. With this information the charge point will calculate the capacity which is available for charging a car. Current metering is done by using current transformers. Maximum 3 current transformers can be connected. The current values are stored in modbus registers and are available through the RS485 modbus interface:

CSMB | Xemex

Where to buy?

 > 50 units:
– Xemex: contact Xemex via sales@xemex.eu

< 50 units:
– Libra: Order here online or contact Libra Energy via customersupport@libra.energy


Use case: EV charging station

In order to charge an electrical vehicle as quickly as possible, a residential charging station needs to know how much power of the total available grid connection is in use by the household appliances and how much is available for charging. The CSMB can be used to measure the currently used power:

CSMB | Xemex



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