Inepro kWh meter  

+ dingate datalogger

Inepro kWh meter + dingate datalogger

Inepro meters are MID approved, hence these can be used for invoicing purposes.

The models of single and three phase smart energy meters are equipped with optional, 2-tariff, Modbus or M-bus communication.

High quality energy meters for the top segment of the metering market. The meter has a fresh and transparent Dutch design. The newly developed meters show more than 30/60 variables (depending on the meter) in the LCD display. The meters can be easily read out via an infrared eye and S0-output. Optional M-bus and Modbus are available.

Inepro kWh meter + dingate datalogger



This din-rail kWh meter integrated with the dingate datalogger is available in three different configurations. More information: view this page.



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