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The Smart Charge Controller (SCC) is an electronic device which is used in conjunction with an EV charging station.

It measures the grid current and controls the charge current of the EV charging station based on the station’s Dynamic Load Balancing function and a chosen charging mode.
It can control any EV charging station that supports Dynamic Load Balancing based on a Modbus RTU of Modbus TCP/IP current meter.

The Smart Charge Controller can be used for both, single phase and multi-phase installations.
Maximum 3 current transformers can be connected to the Smart Charge Controller to measure the grid current. Or as a device option, the P1 output of a connected grid Smart Meter can be used for grid measurements. Wi-Fi is available to commission the unit and to enable firmware updates when connected to the internet via the home router. The unit is powered by the mains voltage.

The user selects the charging mode via the user interface, which consists of an OLED display and 3 buttons.

Selecting the charging mode by a smartphone app is a roadmap feature.

There are charging modes:

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